A Visual Guide to Surviving The First Major Winter Event of the Year

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Well, it’s been a long time since it last snowed in the northeast and if any of the crazy maneuvers we’ve witnessed in the last day are an indication, you’ve forgotten how to drive in it.

NEVER FEAR, dear Reader, we have prepared a visual guide to surviving the first major snowstorm of 2019:

It’s a good idea to leave early for work…

…oooor perhaps not go at all.

Be sure to clear the snow off your vehicle.

Including the windshield.

Be aware that essential services like mail delivery may be delayed:


You want to put your Keystone mag wheels AWAY for the winter and run the steel wheels instead.

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Your best bet could be to get out of town before the snow really starts falling:

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Always carry a can of lock deicer:

If you’ve shoveled out your parking space, you can save your space with a distinctive marker, letting other drivers know it’s yours:

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As space becomes limited and citywide bans are in effect, seek alternative methods of parking your car:

And if you’re not interested in driving, there’s always the comfort and convenience of the bus…

…or the train.

Good luck, and keep us posted!


Craig Fitzgerald

Craig Fitzgerald

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