Are You Up to the Challenge of Driving THE TROOPER?!

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If you’re selling your tired old vehicle, you can write one line, or you can get creative. That’s what this guy did when he wrote the ad for his Isuzu Trooper.

“There is probably more residual testosterone clinging to this car’s interior than you’d find at 10 MMA fights,” the seller notes, which is more than enough reason to at least take a test-drive.

Trooper Front

For $1,200, you could be the owner of a 181,000 mile Isuzu Trooper that has done more off-roading than half of the Toyota Land Cruisers sold in the last 20 years:

“It has been used to climb mountains, [ford] streams, chase bears, hunt Everything, work on a farm, run traplines, haul a host of dead animals, and lots of arse. It has been a very reliable vehicle- used daily for the last 14 years and proudly carries the signs of it.”

Trooper Drivers Seat

It has its issues, to be sure: “The drivers seat is a bit rough. By that, I mean that you are sitting directly on the seat springs with only small bits of foam surrounding an upholstery covered depression… but then real men don’t have dainty backsides.”

Trooper Brake

“If this car was in a movie, it would be that one that comes busting through the gate and saves everyone after an incredible chase scene,” he notes.

And if you act now, that $1,200 purchase price includes a very special offer: “I will also throw in one large tanned raccoon hide FREE with purchase. It can be used as a seat cover, a robust furry scarf, or a really quiet travel companion… the possibilities are endless.”

H/T to Lindsay Pirkle for sending this one along!

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