VIDEO: Win an Aston Martin GT Roadster from Daniel Craig and a Bunch of Puppies

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James Bond has the privilege of driving amazing cars in his job as the world’s most famous superspy. Notable among the mix are Aston Martins. These incredible cars are perfect for the suave Mr. Bond and now he’s giving one away.

Technically, it’s not James Bond, but actor Daniel Craig who is currently playing 007 on the big screen. And it’s not just Craig, but a gaggle of puppies, too.

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It’s all part of a fundraising effort held by Omaze to benefit the United Nations Mine Action Service, which works in 18 countries and territories worldwide. Its goal is to educate and assist people caught in areas of conflict.

The usual promotional video for this sort of thing involves the famous person rattling off numbers for the value of things like airfare, hotel, and snazzy new cars. Everyone knows math is hard so Craig instead values the awards in this program in terms of adorable Golden Retriever puppies.

For example, the airfare and stay in a fancy hotel are worth two puppies, which Craig holds up to the screen so you get the idea. You get to take a friend, too, so that’s four puppies. Four. Puppies.

Next, you get to meet with Daniel Craig at some super secret location. He says that brings things up to six puppies. If that location is not in the former volcano lair of a supervillain, then you should probably subtract one puppy.

The grand prize is a 2016 Aston Martin GT Roadster customized by Daniel Craig. Much like the meetup should rightly be in a volcano lair, that car better have an eject button or we’re crying foul.

Since this is an effort to raise money for a worthy cause, entries aren’t free, but the base level donation is only $10. If you manage to snag the grand prize, that’s not a half bad return on your investment. The more times you enter, the greater your chances of winning. There are also intermediate awards like posters, tee shirts, and signed photos of Craig.

Looking for an Aston Martin? Check out BestRide’s listings search here.

You may never get the chance to travel the globe and save us all from the evil clutches of a villain bent on world domination, but this contest gives you a chance to at least drive a car that makes it look like you do.