JUNKYARD THERAPY: Fords from the ’60s and ’70s

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These vintage Fords exemplify the decades in which they were made, with styles that were typical for their times.


This Thunderbird is marked as a 1964, and it makes sense that it would be – ’64 was the year the ‘Bird when from a pointy front end to something more massive, with its quad headlights flanking a grille with an underbite. Best guess on its color is Pagoda Green, although it appears more blue than that.

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Lots of love for those elaborately-shaped Thunderbird center consoles that merged with the dash. Never noticed how much of a blackened cove the instrument  panel was.

Also from the ’60s is this Falcon that was just about picked clean.

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Always interesting to see a car stripped to its base elements.


Leading us out of the ’60s is this relatively rust-free 1969 Mercury Marquis. The shade is probably either Burnt Orange or Red; time and fading have blurred the lines between them.

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Not much left of that imposing Marquis front end – the blank-faced hidden headlight panels have given way to an almost skeletal gaze.


Inside, the instrument panel is typical of the period, with two gauges and a clock framed with bright trim and fake wood.


Growing up, a neighbor had a Marquis from this year, and I thought the rear end was mad at me. You can see why, with the sharp angles of those vertical blades.


A ruined Pinto from 1974 will test anyone’s tolerance for excess green. Best guess here is that it’s Dark Yellow Green over Medium Lime Yellow. Just wow.

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The interior is a Luxury Decor package in a more neutral green/tan shade. This passenger seat still has the plastic guide for the shoulder belt, which would usually break off in the first few years of service.


Speaking of green, this one’s for the wagon lovers, a Ford LTD II that appears to be Light Green.


It’s listed as a ’77, but Light Green didn’t come along til 1978.

Kids of the 1970s will remember sitting next to dark green door panels like these.

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Interior is in good shape, and the body ain’t bad. What happened here?


Ah. Looks like there was a barbecue under the this LTD II’s hood.


Yep, it definitely got hot under there. Too bad, otherwise this wagon might still be on the road.


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