CYBER MONDAY: 10 Automotive Gifts That Push the Limits of Friendship

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They say it’s the thought that counts, but if you put this kind of thought into a gift for your car friends, maybe you should just stick to a $10 gift card from Dunkie’s.

Fiat 500 Cooler

Honestly, we would love this but it’s TWELVE THOUSAND FREAKING DOLLARS from those Countesses of Conspicuous Consumption over at Neiman Marcus. Lookit, if you’re interested in blowing twelve grand on us this Christmas, it had better be able to get us to work in the morning.

10 worst gifs - keep trying

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24 Pack of Little Tree Air Fresheners

10 Worst Gifts - Air FreshenerNothing says “I care” more than a gift you can pick up while you’re in line for scratch tickets at Cumberland Farms. A gift that powerfully alters the smell of someone’s car is not far off from buying that person a quart of Scope and a toothbrush. “Happy Holidays. You smell.”

Truck Nutz

10 Worst Gifts - Truck NutzIf you’re the kind of person who would buy someone fake plastic testicles in festive colors as a gift, please consider relocating to an uninhabited island.

Mossy Oak Camo Grass Cut Fender Flare Wrap

10 worst gifts - Mossy Oak Camo Fender WrapApparently, this is a way to make it look like your $60,000 pickup has spent some time off-road. PRO TIP: Drive it around in the a mud a little and save yourself $179. Don’t get your loafers dirty, though.

10 Worst - Bike Mud animated

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Adhesive Chrome Air Ducts

10 worst gifts - stick on air ventIf you have these on your car, you probably have a Morrie’s Wig somewhere in your closet.

10 Worst Gifts - Morries wig animated gifLamborghini Hat

10 worst Gifts - Lamborghini Hat

Nothing says “I drive a 1985 Buick Somerset Regal” like wearing a Lamborghini hat.

10 Worst Gifts - Loser animated

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Car Lashes

10 Worst Gifts - Car LashesSeriously. This is a thing.

10 worst gifts - eye roll 3Mobile Cappuccino Maker

10 Worst Gifts - BrookstoneFolks, we’re trying to minimize distractions here, not have you foaming milk with scalding hot water behind the wheel.

10 Worst Gifts - DistractionsShifter Toilet Handle

10 Worst Gifts - Shifter toilet handleWe found a legit review on this product.

Looks very cheap and only have had it installed for about two weeks and the handle broke last night. Needs to be made out of something a little heavier since it is something that does get used and looks cheap. Loved the idea but needs to be made a lot stronger!!!

What in the name of all that is holy are you doing in there that you can break the handle off your toilet?


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Fuel Saving Devices

10 Worst Gifts - Fuel DoctorYes, with this $60 device plugged into your cigarette lighter, you’ll boost your fuel economy by 25 percent. Also, the Tour de France is going to be free of doping this year.


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