Little Boy Learns to Drive on YouTube, Heads to McDonald’s

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The internet is a wondrous thing. No matter what you want to know, a quick search turns up information on even the most obscure topics. There are also plenty of videos teaching how to do everyday things. One industrious eight-year-old ventured onto the internet to develop his driving skills early and then ventured right out onto the road for a burger run.

The intrepid little boy from East Palestine, Ohio used YouTube as his personal tutor one Sunday. He didn’t go it alone, however. The little guy took his four-year-old sister along for the ride. We’re betting she demanded in on the action or threatened ratting him out to their parents.

The boy made it all the way to his local McDonald’s where he placed an order for a cheeseburger. The kid even had money from his piggy bank to pay for his hard-won meal.

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The employees at McDonald’s were a bit surprised to see an eight-year-old pull up to the drive through and at first thought it was a prank. Alongside videos showing how to drive, YouTube also has endless videos of people pranking drive-thru employees, so it was a good assumption. They figured the parents were hiding in the backseat. Nope.

The boy drove the mile and a half from his house to the Golden Arches without incident, although he did attract the attention from grown-up, licensed drivers in other cars. They said he obeyed all the rules of the road, stopping for lights and yielding to other cars. He was the model of responsible driving, except for being only eight.

The boy told police he stood on his tip-toes to get the keys to the family van while his parents were taking a nap. It was a busy Sunday of outdoor fun and his parents were tuckered out.

This wasn’t, as you might think, a case of neglect. The little guy and his sister had eaten breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but were still hungry. Hey, who among us hasn’t had a sudden craving for a cheeseburger?

The parents were called and showed up at the station to retrieve their wayward children. No charges were filed in the incident. You have to wonder if the parents were more mortified their kids snuck out and took the car on a food run, or proud that they did it without causing any accidents. We’re going with proud.

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