PROMOS: Captain Planet is Pimping the Ford Focus Electric

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Ford Focus Electric

Automakers do everything they can to convince you to buy their cars. There are flashy commercials with catchy soundtracks, celebrity spokespeople, and all sorts of incentives designed to lure you into the dealership.

Ford is no exception and they’re going to superheroic lengths to convince you to buy a Ford Focus Electric. They’ve enlisted the help of Captain Planet and the Planeteers because who better to sell you an environmentally responsible car than those guys?

The brief spot is actually an overdub that uses a clip from the animated series that aired back in the early 1990s. It featured a bunch of kids who had these fancy rings that channeled earth, fire, wind, water, and heart. All they had to do was point their rings and call out their powers and Captain Planet appeared.

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It was cheesy in the best way possible and if you watched the show even once, which you know you did, then that darn theme song is indelibly etched into a corner of your brain. It’s stuck in my head right now. It’s probably stuck in yours, too.

Ford decided to take a clip where the kids are activating their environmental-saving powers to call Captain Planet, but changed things up a little. Now their rings channel electric, sustainability, technology, infotainment, and heart.

Yes, heart remains because it was truly the lamest of all the powers. Wielding earth, wind, fire, water, and air was cool. What the heck did it even mean to wield heart? And poor heart knows he’s the lame power. Listen to the dejected way he calls out his power. Someone get that kid a cookie.

You also have to give a good listen to the infotainment power because we’ve condensed the ridiculously long explanation into one word. The overly long actual power is supposed to let you know the system has lots of features but instead makes it seem complicated. It’s just like the real world.

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Their powers combined then bring forth, you guessed it, a Ford Focus Electric. It all ends with much cheering for the amazing Ford Focus Electric, because they’re a team and that little red car they just called into existence is their personal hero.

We’re not sure this is going to convince anyone to buy a Focus Electric, but it did supply a nice dose of early 1990s nostalgia. Perhaps if they handed you your choice of fancy rings and let you choose your power, then it might get people to buy the car.