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Advertisement for the 1962 Mercury Monterey. (Compliments Ford Motor Company)

1962 Mercury Convertible and pedal cars
Q: Greg, I’m trying to find some information on my 1962 Mercury Monterey Convertible. I subscribe to three different books, yet I have not seen any advertised for the past three years.

Its model is Z65 with a serial number of 2Z65Z528724. Can you please help me with any information? I do not have a computer to look at. Also, what do you feel it is worth? Thanks much! Earl B., New Castle, Indiana.

A: Earl, first and foremost you have a great car. To help you figure everything out, the first number 2 in the VIN is the year, 1962; Z stands for built in St. Louis, Missouri; the 65 stands for Monterey Custom Convertible of which 5,489 were built with a base price of $3,222; the next Z stands for a 390-inch V8 with a four-barrel carburetor and the last six numbers are the production number sequence.

1962 Mercury Monterey Convertible
1962 Mercury Monterey Convertible

The model number Z65 repeats itself as explained above, either a 390-V8 4-barrel convertible or a convertible built in St, Louis. Also, your car weighs 3,938 pounds and rides on a 120-inch wheelbase.

Its current approximate value would be in the neighborhood of a low of $11,000 to a high of $39,000, the latter in pristine condition.

Hope this all helps and thanks for reading my column!

Pedal Car lover needs info

Q: Greg, I’m into pedal cars and am trying to remember a company you talked about in your column about 10 years ago that provides parts and services to collectors. I do not have an Internet, so can you please reprint that company name? C.J., Pennsylvania.

A: Glad to, C.J. That company is called Blue Diamond Classics and is owned by the family of late hot rod legend “Speedy” Bill Smith, who just recently passed away.

Blue Diamond Classics
Blue Diamond Classics

The company is an offshoot of his Speedway Motors, known as the world’s oldest speed shop (opened in 1952) in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Speedy Bill also owned one of the largest collections of antique race engines, and probably the most extensive collections of pedal cars in the world.

I know his company would happy to send you a catalog, so call them at 1-800-979-0122 or go to a friend’s house and check his website at and you’ll find the pedal car company, too, and the parts you are looking for.

By the way, “Speedy” Bill was known throughout the hot rod and racing world as one of the true legends, and has received honors like the Lifetime Achievement award from NHRA, inducted into the Hot Rod Magazine Hall of Fame, Classic Car Hall of Fame and was an Entrepreneur of the Year Ernst & Young Company, to name but a few.

By the way, old pedal cars are big business these days.

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Greg Zyla

Greg Zyla