Clarkson, Hammond, and May Can’t Think of a Name for Their Show

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New Clarkson Show

Those who think the new Top Gear will never live up to the old Top Gear are anxiously awaiting the new show from Clarkson, Hammond, and May.

The boys are already filming, but they have no idea what to call their new show despite a fantastic brainstorming session.

You’d think they’d have a name by now. It’s been months since the news first broke that they were taking their schtick from Top Gear on the BBC to a new show on Amazon. It’s set to air this fall, but we still have to think of it as “that new show with the old Top Gear guys” because there’s no stinking name.

In between filming, they took a break to sit down and talk about the name. The ideas were, uh, interesting, but none of them ended up working out. They might be short a show name, but at least they aren’t having the same kind of trouble as the new Top Gear crew.

That show is beginning to feel like a train wreck and it hasn’t even aired a single episode yet. It has a large cast of characters with Chris Evans at the helm, and he’s had a few issues.

He ended up getting carsick while riding shotgun out on the track with his co-host Sabine Schmitz. Pictures of him hunched over trying not to lose his lunch beside a shiny red Audi R8 did not instill much faith in fans.

Next up were delays and episode cuts. The show was set to air May 8, but now it won’t start until two days later on May 22.

The number of episodes airing as season one has also been cut from eight to only six. Evans’ contract calls for 16 episodes, so the thought is that the second season will go long with 10 to make up the difference.

Then there’s Evans’ heavy work schedule, which includes not just Top Gear but his morning show on Radio 2. That show runs from 6:20am to 9:30am and starts his day at an early hour. The result is only four hours each day being devoted to Top Gear. It’ll be a miracle if they manage to pull off airing a single episode of the show.

Meanwhile, the old Top Gear crew have been filming their new show without the same hubbub. They just need a name. For now, no name, but possibly the world’s best hashtag to keep track of the proceedings.


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