CRAIGSLIST FIND: Classic Saab 900 With 39,000 Miles

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We love classic Saab 900s as much as the next guy, but the ones you typically see around these parts are either rotted to oblivion, have eleventy-billion miles, have interiors that look like the car was used to house chickens, or some combination of all three. This barn-fresh 1989 Saab 900 bucks that trend with its incredible condition, and just 39,000 miles. The price is wildly reasonable.

The car is owned by a couple of life-long Saab enthusiasts, and they purchased it from the second owner in 2011. “The retired gentleman we bought this car from had purchased it from a relative of his. For both of the prior owners, this was not a daily driver, thus the extremely low mileage given its age,” the ad reads.


“Long story short: this has always been an extra car for us. We have never driven it in the winter and has been used sparingly otherwise.”

The condition is truly amazing, with all original 214 H Cherry Red II paint,  and the interior looks almost like new, save for a few exceedingly minor cracks on the dash. All of these cars suffered from major dash cracks, so to see one in this condition is truly impressive.


The tan cloth seats are nearly perfect. The ad suggests some wear, but you’d be hard-pressed to see any of it.


It’s a normally-aspirated, 16-valve, 2.0-liter with a five-speed, which might not be the more desirable engine configuration, but rest assured, this Saab B202 engine will last a lot longer than you’ll ever own the car. It’s only bolstered by the knowledge that the previous owners were “oil nerds,” and ran Amsoil in it from the minute it left the dealership.


The sellers asking price is a more-than-reasonable $5,000. This car isn’t going to last long. Check out the ad, and the full photo gallery for more information.

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