CRAIGSLIST FIND: Your Life Isn’t Complete Without This El Camino Limo

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Peanut butter and chocolate. Cookies and milk. Beer and pretzels. Some things just go great together, just like this Colonnade-era Chevy El Camino that’s mashed together with a Malibu wagon.

Used limousines are all over the place on Craigslist, and in general, you’d put them somewhere between “used hot tub” and “used mattress” on the scale of desirability. But this one might just find a place in your driveway, especially if your plans in the next year include a high school reunion in Duck Dynasty country.


“This is a 1975 El Camino Limo. It is supposed to be the longest El Camino in the world.

It needs lots of work but after all it is a one of a kind. It has a Laguna S3 front end.
It has a 350 motor and 350 turbo transmission that is just sitting under hood. Nothing is hooked up. NOT DRIVABLE THE WAY IT SITS. Must be towed. It ran good when it was placed under the hood a couple of years ago though. Driveshafts are there too.

Needs 1/4 panel work to repair rust. Floors are very solid though. Frame is in good shape too.
It is definitely a project. I have way too many other projects so this one is for sale now.
If you want something different bring cash and a big trailer it is almost 24 feet long!”

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Part of the fun in a car like this is trying to unravel the backwoods engineering that transpired to make it happen. The 1975 Chevrolet El Camino never had a nose like that, for example.

The 1975 El Camino brochure showed it with the more upright Malibu Classic or Chevelle nose:


The nose on the El Camino here is from the 1974 to 1976 Chevrolet Laguna Type S-3:


The Laguna Type S-3 replaced the Chevelle SS as Chevy’s mid-sized performance option, and it came with Seventies kit like a console, louvered opera windows and swivel bucket seats. The nose mirrored the aerodynamic nose of the 1973 to 1977 Chevy NASCAR entries that Cale Yarborough used to win 34 races and two consecutive Winston Cup championships.

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The middle portion definitely appears to have come from a 1975-era Malibu wagon:


The vertical B- and C-pillars and the rear quarter window are a giveaway.

At the stern, our constructor grafted the Arkansas Mudflap of the Automotive World, the El Camino’s pickup bed. A wily negotiator will grind the seller down from his lofty $850 asking price, and have him throw in the rolls of chain link as a bonus.


The capper is the only appropriate use of American Racing AR-39 wheels, which made our list of 10 awful aftermarket wheels. They’re as ’80s as parachute pants and white Reebok hi-tops.

For the moment, this beauty is up on Craigslist, but act quickly because this won’t last.

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