DeLorean Driver Gets Ticket for Driving 88 MPH

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The Back to the Future franchise immortalized the DeLorean as a time-traveling car. All you had to do was get it up to 88 mph and you were off through time with nothing but flaming tire tracks in your wake. That’s how it works in the movies. In the real world, driving 88 mph in a DeLorean will only get you a speeding ticket.

This was a lesson learned the hard way by Spencer White. He purchased his 1982 DeLorean about a month ago and was out taking his mom for a spin in his shiny new toy.

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He didn’t realize how fast he was cruising down the highway and when he glanced at the speedometer realized he was going a cool 85 mph. This was faster than the posted speed limit, but White decided it was so close he had to nudge it to the magical 88 mph just for kicks.

In the movies, hitting 88 mph activates the flux capacitor. This nifty bit of technology is what lets the car travel through time. It is neither a standard feature nor an option on DeLoreans sold to the public. Only Doc Brown and Marty McFly have this coveted technology.

Still, White decided he’d take her up to 88 mph and the California Highway Patrol caught him in the act. He got pulled over and the officer asked him how fast he thought he was going.

When you’re busted, you’re busted, so White told him 88 and they both burst out laughing. He was clocked for doing exactly that speed, which even the officer appreciated. He even showed White his radar gun as proof that he was spot on target with his Back to the Future speed limit.

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Despite the good laugh, it didn’t get White out of the ticket. The officer also asked if White had a flux capacitor, so clearly a fan of the movies. A fan, but not enough of one to let White off the hook for speeding on public streets.