“Fast and Furious” in Space?

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The Fast and Furious franchise is a bit different than what it was when the first installment hit screens back in 2001. There is still plenty of eye candy in the form of ridiculous cars doing ridiculous stunts, but the characters have morphed from street racers into a sort of commando team.

Dominic Toretto and his crew of fast-driving, smooth-talking misfits don’t just save the day and win the race, they save the whole world. They’re that government sponsored team that no one knows about and no one will ever acknowledge. They are somehow entrusted with doing stuff you’d expect to see a team of Navy Seals doing on an average day.

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Really, it makes absolutely no sense. How you go from custom car guy racing in the streets to being your own special ops agency is a mystery. But, this is exactly what is going on with Fast and Furious.

This isn’t a complaint, merely an observation about the insanity of the franchise. It makes no sense and that’s okay. This isn’t a documentary. It’s fiction that takes liberties with everything, including the laws of physics.

Without going crazy, though, we couldn’t have the same kinds of crazy stunts and crazy cars. The internet is full of people explaining why the things they do on the screen would never work in the real world. It’s as if these guys think we’re all going to try this at home and be sorely disappointed.

No, we all know half of what we see is impossible. There are trained stunt drivers, specially modified cars, and all sorts of behind-the-scenes machinations that make for an amazing show. Everyone knows that watching a Fast and Furious movie requires turning off your logic circuits.

Under that assumption, The Fate of the Furious writer Chris Morgan tackled the possibility of sending the team into space. He was asked in an interview if they would go to space. It seems the obvious answer is no since cars do not fly. Yet.

However, his answer leaves the idea open. Rather than saying no outright, he says he’d only do it if he had a really good story. Since they’re one step shy of government commandos these days, making that story shouldn’t be too hard.

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The Fate of the Furious opens on April 14th. This eighth movie in the series might not have the team going into space, but there are car stunts galore, fighter jets, and even a submarine. Space doesn’t seem that crazy, does it?