For Sale Beside the Road: 1964 Oldsmobile Ninety Eight

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1964 oldsmobile Ninety eight 1

Rainy, lousy, crappy day to be out looking for cars, but we found one nonetheless. In the wilds of Mansfield, Massachusetts, we came across this 1964 Oldsmobile Ninety Eight in High Hiding White, with a for sale sign emblazoned on the windshield.

Dear People Selling Things Beside The Road:

Nobody’s really all that interested in a long, drawn out phone conversation about your personal history with your gigantic American land yacht, at least until we know what we’re talking about in terms of price. Please, for the love of Mike, throw a price on the window, even if it’s absurd.

1964 Oldsmobile Ninety Eight 2

From the photos, it presents pretty well, but it was crusty around the edges. The interior looked like it was in half-decent condition, though.

My rough estimate for this ark is $3,000. Any more than that an you’re upside down from now until the end of time. I love full-size GM cars but the market for them is me and four other people.

What’s your guess? Maybe I’ll call the guy and see how close we got.

Craig Fitzgerald

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