Backwoods Engineer Debuts Home-Brewed Trailer Hitch in NH

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From the WTF FILES: “Live Free or Die” is the motto emblazoned on every New Hampshire license plate. Maybe “Live Free or Die From a Trailer Coming Loose” is more appropriate.

The New Hampshire Department of Transportation spotted this creative endeavor and posted it to its Insta this week:

We’re all for lifehacks here at BestRide. We’ve been known to clear up foggy headlights with bug spray and paint entire trucks with Rustoleum, but we don’t mess around with towing.

Around 75,000 people are injured in towing-related accidents every year, and one of the top causes of these accidents is a runaway trailer.

It’s important to know just how much your vehicle can tow. We’re quickly getting to the point where 1-ton trucks like the new RAM 3500 — when properly equipped — can tow 35,000 pounds, but your average vehicle is right around the 1,500 to 3,000 pound range. And that’s only when equipped with a proper towing receiver.

This genius took matters into his own hands with a tow ball, a 2×6 and a couple of nylon ratchet straps mounted to the bumper.

And that’s before you consider the vehicle itself: A first-generation Ford Escape Hybrid. It’s tough to tell exactly what year it is, but it’s for sure built between 2005 and 2008. At best, the first-gen Escape Hybrid was only rated to tow 1,000 pounds, which is about the weight of an empty 4×8 trailer.

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If you’re tempted to rig up something like this, for the love of Mike, don’t. A decent Class II Receiver, custom-fit to the Ford Escape runs $118 at a reputable online towing supply outfit like Installing one is a snap: according to eTrailer, installation takes about 40 minutes and drilling is only required in some years. The hitches are designed to fit both gas and hybrid drivetrains.

Skip your Dunkin’ Donuts for a month and you’ll save enough to tow your Skidoo safely.

H/T to Andrew Palmer for sending this one along

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