Found on Craigslist: 1972 Ford Country Squire

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The good folks at the Brown Car Appreciation Society on Facebook found this incredibly cool 1972 Ford Country Squire. Next to the description of “Station Wagon” in your Funk & Wagnall’s, you’ll find a picture of this car.

The 1972 is the sixth generation Country Squire wagon, which debuted in 1969.

They’re based on a 121-inch wheelbase shared with the Ford sedan, and feature the “Magic Doorgate” tailgate. This generation has a three-way tailgate, that swings down or out with the window either down or up.


Country Squires have exactly the same bodywork as the LTD sedan from the windshield forward. In 1971, the Country Squire would got an extensive facelift and only the roof and tailgate carried over from 1970. The hideaway headlights were gone by that time.

1972 was a bad year for powertrain output, with the debut of a lot of emissions controls. A lower compression ratio and retarded ignition timing came to accommodate unleaded fuel. The range-topping 429 V8 would see its output drop from 365 hp to 212 hp from 1971 to 1972.


This edition has the two-barrel, along with optional dual jumpseats in the cargo area.


More than 130,000 of these wagons were built in 1972, but very few remain in this condition. It’s on Craigslist in Sacramento, California for the asking price of $7,900.

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