Enjoy a Glass of Gin Flavored with Old Harley-Davidson Parts

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This doesn’t seem like it should be a real product, but it’s not an April Fool’s Day joke. You can now buy bottles of gin with vintage Harley-Davidson parts floating inside the bottles.

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The idea comes from Uwe Ehinger who restores old Harley-Davidsons and is an expert at tracking down spare parts. He’s so good at his job he’s even been given the nickname “The Archaelogist” because he travels the world unearthing hard-to-find parts and building bikes at his shop, Ehinger Kraftrad.

Of course, the natural progression for a guy who builds custom bikes in his own shop in Germany and has a fancy nickname is to come up with his own line of booze bearing that name. The Archaeologist is now a line of three gins, each flavored with genuine Harley-Davidson motorcycle parts Ehinger scavenged during his travels.

You have your choice of a 1939 Flathead with parts found in Mexico, a 1947 Knucklehead with parts discovered in Santiago De Chile, Chile, or a 1962 Panhead with parts from Seoul, Korea. Those parts include camshafts, nuts, and rocker arms safely ensconced in premium gin. If you’re wondering how gin tastes with a hint of oil and grime, don’t worry.

The parts are first cleaned and then sealed with a tin alloy so they can’t contaminate the liquor. They are then soldered onto a steel structure and encased in the bottle.

Each bottle comes with a vintage label and a wrapper that tells the story of how Ehinger found the parts floating inside. They kept the vintage theme even with how they produced the packaging by printing on a Heidelberg Tiegel printing press from 1931. There’s also a little tag with the serial numbers attached as a nod to confirming the authenticity of what’s sitting inside the bottle.

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As you might expect, these fancy bottles of gin are not cheap. They range in price from roughly $1,052 to $1,300 so they’re for the true Harley-Davidson enthusiast. Ehinger served the first run to some of his most loyal customers at his shop in Germany and then quickly sold out of the remaining bottles, but not to worry. He is at work on a second round and is already taking orders.