Watch Adam Savage Turn a Honda Ridgeline into a Movie Theater

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Adam Savage is famous for being a Mythbuster. He’s also rather well-known for building all manner of strange contraption. He’s like MacGyver with a budget and power tools. It’s crazy to watch him work.

Mythbusters may be gone, but Savage is still up to his old tricks in his new series called Tested. It once again has him building stuff and making things that only exist in our imaginations. His latest build turned the new Honda Ridgeline into a movie theater on wheels.

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Imagine the ultimate camping trip. It probably involves getting a bunch of friends together along with plenty of food and entertainment. Savage converted the bed of his Ridgeline so that it holds an inflatable movie screen that’s powered by the outlet in the truck.

Since the Ridgeline also has speakers in the back, they supply the sound for this roving theater. It’s a brilliant idea and sure as heck beats hanging a white sheet between two trees.

Now, you could park your butts on the ground to watch the movie, but the ground is cold and hard. You need chairs for your crew. They’d fit nicely into the bed of the truck, but Savage wants them to fit perfectly.

In addition to creating a deployable movie screen, he built a special rig for holding folding chairs all neat and tidy. It attaches to the back of the box that holds the screen, so your chairs are at the ready when the screen deploys.

The finished contraption sits in the back of the truck and looks a lot like a custom tool box. You’d think there’s nothing more in there than a bunch of power tools, not a huge inflatable movie screen.

It’s secured to the truck bed with some screws and it’s ready to go. They drive off to their campsite in the Honda Ridgeline and it works beautifully. The thing is so huge it could show a movie to half the campground. The only problem is there might not be enough chairs for everyone who is going to want to watch.

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The video also shows several additional Ridgeline builds done by members of the Tested team, but those will be featured in other videos. It looks like one has a built-in tent, while the third is a bit of a mystery. We’re betting it’s some kind of barbecue wonder.