Infiniti’s Pebble Beach EV Concept Looks Fantastic

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To this point, electric cars — and the concepts that are used as rolling test-beds for future technologies — have all had the all the forward looking design excitement of a Rubbermaid container. At best, they’re not offensive. At worst, they look like they were designed by a sub-committee of the Ed Begley, Jr. Fan Club.

Then along comes Infiniti, with no heritage past 1989, with a sneak-peek of an EV design concept it will show at Pebble Beach next week.

“It started as a simple thought,” said Alfonso Albaisa, Senior Vice President of Global Design. “What if we found a car, down at the southern tip of Japan, buried deep in the barn, hidden from all eyes for 70 years? What if in this car we found the seed of passion planted during our first Japanese Grand Prix and the power and artistry of INFINITI today? What would this discovery look like?”

Apparently, it would look like something Fangio would’ve muscled around.

It’s what they’re calling a “heritage-inspired prototype vehicle,” and the idea is to capture the “ingenuity and adventure” of the earliest days of motorsport, but with a dash of Infiniti’s “Powerful Elegance” design language.

Prototypes like this aren’t meant to show up in Infiniti showrooms, obviously. They’re meant to showcase some bit of design language that will eventually filter down into production cars, though. If there’s a 1920s-era racing theme that Infiniti’s working toward, we’re all for it.

Cars like this are also intended to highlight upcoming technology. This prototype features what the press release is calling “advanced” EV technology, that will probably see the light of day in Infiniti products in the near future.

At this point, there are only two pictures up on the Infiniti Media site. We’re dying to see this one in the flesh.

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