VIDEO: See All the Restorations Happening in Jay Leno’s Garage

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We often see Jay Leno behind the wheel of modern cars that are the kinds of things that live in or dreams. It lets us all live vicariously through the fun he has taking these things out for a drive. Not all his car’s are new. Some are antique collectibles that aren’t in the best condition when they arrive in his garage. Ever wonder what happened to all those cars you saw him start working on? Does he ever finish them? You’re not the only one wondering, so he’s filmed an updated featuring some of the vehicles he’s previewed on Jay Leno’s Garage.

Let’s be clear that it’s not Leno getting grease under his nails and doing all the work on his fleet. He’s got people for that kind of thing. There’s no way he could restore and maintain all of his cars without a little help. He’s also got the cash to pay for it all, which means some incredible cars get a second life thanks to him. Leno knows what he’s talking about and he gives some background on the problems these cars had when they arrived and how they’ve fixed, or almost fixed, many of the issues.

Most of what Leno shows off is a work-in-progress, like a 1914 Detroit Electric that is still very unfinished, but looking a lot better than when he bought it for all of $1000. That price ought to give you a pretty good idea of the car’s condition at the time. It was a ruined body and chassis without a motor. It seemed like a hopeless case.

Leno’s team removed the rotted wood and cut new pieces to replace the old so they would perfectly fit with the original metal bits. That part is true to the original, but the engine is another story.

Although it was originally an electric, it wasn’t a Tesla. It had a top speed of about 22 mph, so they’re restomodding it and giving it an engine that will make it as powerful as a Tesla. Try and imagine this car, something that looks like it couldn’t outrun a guy on a bike, suddenly blazing by with the power of a Tesla.

He’s also giving the interior modern features like air conditioning and Bluetooth. Let’s hope this one gets some airtime on his show when it’s finally complete. This is only one of the cars Leno is working on right now. See them all in the video and get a taste of what’s in store for the new year.