What the Heck is Joker Driving in “Suicide Squad?”

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Joker Car

Batman has the coolest wheels of all the superheroes. The Batmobile, in all its many guises, is the ultimate car for catching bad guys on the streets of Gotham. The Joker, however, intends to give him a run for the money in the upcoming movie Suicide Squad.

Joker’s car is all about looking good and going fast. First of all, the thing is metallic purple. This matches Joker’s favorite suit and his crazy-clown vibe. It also looks to be impressively fast, but what’s really underneath that attention-getting exterior?

The Joker drives a Vaydor.

Vaydor is in the business of turning your ordinary 2003-2007 Infiniti G35 into the kind of car the Joker drives. You don’t have to be a supervillain to own one or have a bank account worthy of Bruce Wayne.

Joker Vaydor

Vaydor builds fiberglass kits that you can buy for $11,000. That’s not cheap, but it’s also not a price that will require remortgaging your house or possibly selling a kidney.

The kit doesn’t require destroying the Infiniti chassis during the build either. Designer Matt McEntegart says you could even leave the car running with the air on during the entire build process.

That doesn’t mean your Infiniti is still whole beneath that fancy fiberglass exterior. You have to remove the entire body, sawing it off and destroying it in the process. Once you decide to do this, you are fully committed.

The new body also requires a roll cage bolted to what’s left of the Infiniti. If you’re wondering how this messes with the vehicle’s safety, we are too. There’s a small element of Joker’s crazy that is required to take this thing out on the highway when it’s complete.

Once the whole thing is finished, the stock chassis and 90% of the car’s original components are still there, which helps reduced the cost of the build. Vaydor even provides the parts that need to be replaced as a part of their package.

Each body is handmade to create a uniform thickness and strength. They’ve even reinforced mounting positions at the hood, trunk, doors, and wings with metal laminate.

Vaydor Body

There are interior kits available for $3,000 and everything from $5,800 wheel packages to $5,000 Brembo brakes, which can be added to complete the conversion. Joker has clearly sprung for a few of these add-ons with a bright white interior that includes a fancy gold shift lever.

All you have to do is find yourself an old Infiniti G35, and you too can drive in style like the Joker.