JUNKYARD THERAPY: Accidents Will Happen

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Junkyard browsing is fun when it shows us how cars decay. But it can be unsettling when you see a car that ended up there after a violent end.

Cars head to the scrap yard when their repair bills eclipse the car’s dollar value – or when they took too big a hit. This time, we’ll look at a variety cars from the latter group.

This Jaguar XJ was apparently T-boned on the passenger side.


Obviously it was a hard hit. Here’s hoping no one was in the passenger seat when it crumpled against the force.

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The front airbags fired, and this Jag came from a pre-side-airbag era.


It looks like his Suzuki SX4 met with a front-end collision, which was followed by a fire.

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A less severe front-end collision visited this ’80s Buick Regal, and it was enough to take it off the road.

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This more recent Regal was smashed in back. It’s a reminder that as much as enthusiasts like me love hot-rod hatchbacks, there sometimes is no substitute for crush space.


One of the most injurious accidents is the rollover, where spinal cord trauma is common. This ’90s Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera S appears to have flipped hard.


This mishap may have started with activity in the Ciera’s front end, where the driver’s side took a broad impact. Crunch!

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Then it rolled.


This didn’t happen in a grassy field; the scrape marks indicate contact with some rough asphalt at the top edge of the front fender…


…and in the rear. Looks like it was an especially hard landing back there, with the back bumper hitting first.


It’s grim to think about how unpleasant it must have been to have driven these cars in their last miles; you don’t turn the key thinking your car won’t survive the trip you’re about to undertake. They represent what may have been terrible rude awakenings for the drivers who ended up wrecking out.

And, like the crashed cars that were parked in front of the high school during prom season to discourage drunk driving, these defeated hulks remind us all to be careful out there.

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