JUNKYARD THERAPY: Accidents Will Happen, Volume II

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When cars are damaged in accidents, they’ll be fixed – unless they’ve lost enough value to not be worth it. We saw a few examples of this at our most recent junkyard visit.


Some cars that end in the junkyard have clearly been nursed through their last days with DIY repairs.

This blue Buick Century’s owner had a lot of real estate to cover when part of the wall-to-wall tail light lens was taken out. The bulbs were covered, but it looks like they also made a heated impression on the red plastic  that was stretched across them.


Other signs of damage indicate the event that finally took the car out of circulation. Both of these white Luminas took a hit to the driver’s front left, and the unrepaired headlights show that these accidents were likely each car’s last trips.

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This LeSabre‘s rear fender was likely wrinkled when the car was pushed into its junkyard bay.


This unlucky Oldsmobile probably rear-ended a car in front.


Something awful happened to this Impala. Looks like a long wedge was impressed upon its roof.


The doors still open and close, but the side windows didn’t survive the extreme curvature of the frames.


No doubt about it, this Impala has been smushed.


This Cutlass was likely the subject of a mauling as it was placed in its bay. A resolutely unimpressive car when it was on the road, this Cutlass’s wrinkles make it visually interesting.


A deep sideswipe befell this Sedan deVille. Too bad, it was in decent shape otherwise.

It’s funny that such an expensive car had drum rear brakes, not discs.


This Saturn Ion is Exhibit A for the small front-overlap crash test. The A-pillar has been pushed into a nearly vertical shape after taking the brunt of the impact.


Here’s hoping there wasn’t a front passenger to cope with the Ion’s compromised structure.

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This beige LeSabre has perhaps the most vivid accident damage. This Buick was T-boned, and it was T-boned hard.


The instrument panel is crimped, and if it were real, the wood would be splintered.


As the with the Ion, the hope is that there wasn’t a front passenger to cope with this sudden reduction of space.

And, it reminds us all to be safe out there.


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