Lego Creator Expert Beetle

MODELS: The New Lego Beetle Creator Set is AWESOME

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Lego has come up with all kinds of coolness in its challenging Creator line, but like the exotic cars they depict, they’re usually out of our price range. The recently released Volkswagen Beetle set — priced at a somewhat reasonable $99 — is right up our alley.

Lego Creator Expert Beetle

The 1,167 piece kit is just the thing for a few rainy vacation days this summer, with its vintage vibe, surfboards, roof rack and cooler.

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Lego Creator Expert Beetle Surfboards

Creator Expert kits are finely crafted models, a far cry from the blocks we played with as kids. The azure-blue Volkswagen Beetle is a detailed replica in Lego form, with curved fenders, white wheels and distinctive VW chrome hubcaps.

Lego Creator Expert Beetle

Under the hood, there’s a spare tire and the fuel tank, and under the engine cover, you’ll recognize the air-cooled, flat four-cylinder engine, faithfully rendered in brick form.

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Lego Beetle 3

The doors open and the Webasto-style roof comes off to let the sun shine in. Just like the real air-cooled Beetle, the rear seat tilts forward to reveal a storage area with a beach towel.

Lego Creator Expert Beetle

Both the cooler and the surfboard can be removed from the roof rack. The rack replicates the chrome and wood racks that were popular accessories on 1960s models.

Lego Creator Expert Beetle

There are a lot of Lego bricks you’ll recognize in the kit, but there are several pieces unique to this Creator Expert kit, including a round tile with a printed VW logo, the pieces that make up the arched fenders, and the updated windshield.

Lego Creator Expert Beetle

There’s even a range of license plate decals so you can customize your Beetle with its original Wolfsburg plates, or a surftastic California yellow plate.

The kit is recommended for ages 16+, but we’ve seen kids as young as five put big kits like this together if they have the patience.

Lego Beetle 7

The completed set measures over five inches tall, 11 inches long and four inches wide, so make sure you clear some shelf space for the finished model.

The kit retails for $99 at Lego’s website.

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