Marc Maron’s New Toyota Camry Hybrid Came Without Headlamps

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Marc Maron — host of the popular podcast WTF — just leased a 2015 Toyota Camry Hybrid this week. In his Thursday episode, he mentioned driving the car home only to find out the headlights didn’t work. The reason why was pretty — heh — enlightening.

“I had a Camry and I just got a little nicer Camry,” he said this morning. “I’m excited about my new car. I’m driving it around…it’s exciting. So then nighttime starts to come, and I’m driving home and I’m like, ‘These headlights kinda suck.'”

Maron — who also stars in the self-titled IFC series Maron — wheeled the car into his driveway and realized, after fiddling with the switch, that the headlights weren’t working at all.

2015 Toyota Camry Hybrid

At 7:00 the next morning, rather than tweeting his issues to @toyotausa, Maron showed up first in the service area at Toyota of Glendale, ready to do battle over his brand new car.

“The service manager comes in, older guy…seemed like a nice guy, I told him what was up and he said ‘I never heard of that before.'” Maron continued.

“Of course, I’m thinking ‘F*ck!’, a unique electrical problem on my new [expletive deleted] car…that’s what I said to myself inside, but I didn’t express those feelings outwardly. I said ‘Really? Never seen this before? What’s going on?'”

Maron hung out in the service area for a bit and the service manager — whose name we couldn’t find on Toyota of Glendale’s website — came out to the waiting room and said “There’s no bulbs in the headlights. I’ve never seen it,” according to Maron.

Marc maron
It’s undetermined whether the car didn’t have bulbs when it came from the factory, or whether — as Maron noted — some kid stole them when the car was on the lot.

The service department didn’t have the bulbs in stock, but to its credit, managed to find some. “Out of nowhere, this mystical service elf shows up. This little guy goes ‘I got ’em.’ He waved a little baggie like he just got his drugs.”

“Now the bulbs are working,” said Maron. “That was a close one.”

Good going, Toyota of Glendale service department. You guys made it work.

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