Matt Lauer Pranks Ellen DeGeneres, Fills Her Car With Ping Pong Balls

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Ellen Degeneres Prank

It all starts as just fun and games when you play a prank on a friend or coworker. It seems harmless, but then there’s the inevitable counter-prank followed by the counter to the counter-prank and things just keep right on going until someone finally crosses a line. Matt Lauer just may have done that to Ellen DeGeneres.

It’s Ellen’s fault as she started it all by giving Matt a hard time on her show by photoshopping him into all sorts of odd situations and showing the pictures on her talk show. Matt is a good sport, but he decided it was time for his well-deserved revenge.

Ellen was ready to head home after a hard day at work and came out to find her car had been sabotaged. He filled it to the roof with a zillion ping pong balls. They went right up to over the windows so when she looked at the front of the car they were visible through the windshield.

Ellen, who is also a good sport, opened the door and a flood of ping pong balls cascaded into the parking lot. Cameras were staged in the parking lot around the car and there was even one inside of the car to capture her reaction as she opened the door and the balls were set free.

Matt made sure he got full and complete credit for his stunt by adding a cardboard cutout of himself to the front seat. He was also on hand for it all via video and he and Ellen have a nice chat about the whole thing.

It’s a cute stunt and Ellen has vowed to get her revenge on Matt. I imagine a room full of staffers trying to help her concoct some crazy prank to pull on him during the middle of the middle of the Today Show. You know that his co-hosts there would be more than happy to throw him under the bus.

Ellen shrugged it all off, telling Matt that he just helped her as she was about to start a beer pong tournament and he’s just given her the supplies. We will all have to wait and see just what form that revenge takes. In the meantime, I wonder how long it took some poor staffer to clear out all those ping pong balls from that car?