Meghan Markle Gets a Prince, Along With Escape and Evasion Training

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This weekend, Prince Harry married Meghan Markle. People in the U.S. got up at the crack of dawn to witness the grand spectacle as an American actress became the Duchess of Sussex. The title is cool, but even better, the Duchess also gets a course in driving escape and evasion.

It seems a bit silly since she’s now a duchess, not James Bond, but it’s all in the interest of “what if” someone were to attempt to hurt Markle. She’ll learn evasive driving tactics like how to pull off a J-turn and Y-turn and hopefully never have the chance to use these skills.

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Still, the royal family is quite sensitive to the dangers they face when out for a drive. Princess Diana was killed when the paparazzi pursued her vehicle in Paris. Back in 2011, a crowd of protestors attacked the limo carrying Prince Charles and Camilla. In 1974, Princess Anne and her husband were the target of a kidnapping attempt with several people shot in the process.

None of those incidents involved a royal at the wheel since being chauffeured from place to place is the norm for members of the royal family. Every now and then, however, they decide to go out for a ride without the help doing all the work. Queen Elizabeth is a Land Rover fan and has her own Jaguar she’s been known to take out for a spin. Younger members of the royal family often head out for a drive on their own, although they’re not entirely alone.

Markle will have security around her at all times even if she decides to go out for a spontaneous ride through the country. The security detail is subtle about the whole thing in an effort to let the royalty under their charge feel a sense of independence and privacy, but Markle will still be protected.

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Instruction will come from Mick Croome, a man who once taught police officers how to catch criminals and has schooled other members of the royal family on evasive driving tactics. The likelihood of needing to use the skills he teaches are slim as they’re only actions Markel would need to take as a last resort.

Hopefully that situation will never happen, but if it does, then the newest member of the royal family will be ready.