Watch a Morgan 3 Wheeler Tribute to a WWI Flying Ace

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Morgan Three Wheeler

The Morgan 3 Wheeler is a car unlike any other. It’s sort of a motorcycle/car hybrid and it has been around for a very long time.

The company was established back in 1909 by H.F.S. Morgan and has been producing a limited number of unique cars ever since. There are plenty of fans of the 3 Wheeler, but one of the most famous is a British flying ace by the name of Albert Ball.

Ball was born back in 1896 and displayed a love of tinkering from an early age. His parents indulged his interests by allowing him to take over a small shed on the family’s property where he messed around with engines and electrical equipment and firearms.

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With the outbreak of WWI in 1914, Ball enlisted in the British Army. He was eventually assigned the job of training new recruits, something that prevented him from seeing any action. Unhappy with his assignment, he sought out private flying lessons that led to him joining the Royal Flying Corps.

It was there that Ball excelled, flying numerous missions and gaining quite a bit of fame. He was the first British ace and was so well-known that it was hard for him to walk the streets of his Nottingham home without being recognized. On a brief leave from his duties, Ball purchased a Morgan 3-Wheeler.

It was the must-have car of the moment and Ball loved it. He was known for saying it was the closest thing to flying without leaving the ground, high praise from a flying ace.

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There are modern 3 Wheelers out there, but there are also many older models that are beloved by their owners. It takes a special kind of person to get behind the wheel of one of these things. They’re passionate about cars and the history of the 3 Wheeler, including Albert Ball.

Ball was killed on May 7, 1917, when his plane was damaged during a firefight with none other than the brother of the Red Baron. His plane crashed into a field and his body is buried in a German cemetery. The field is now a potato field, but the memorial erected in his honor remains in that field to this day.

In honor of Albert Ball, MotorPunk organized a road trip on the 99th anniversary of Ball’s death. Thirteen Morgan 3 Wheelers from around Europe gathered at the airfield where Ball left for his final flight and then drove to that potato field.

It’s an eclectic mix of people and an eclectic mix of 3 Wheelers united by history and respect for a man who gave his life for his country nearly 100 years ago.

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