Nissan and Toyota Serve Up Two Surprising Truck Commercials

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Normally we try to tune out commercials.  Here are worth two tuning in that surprised us in their own unique ways.

tacoma video

Toyota’s 2016 Tacoma midsize pickup truck has sold out each month since it was introduced.  That includes all the production from the third shift Toyota added before the new design launched.  That is confidence.  So we were a little surprised that Toyota went to so much effort to promote the Tacoma.  \

Akio Toyoda has become tired of his Lexus and Toyota products being labeled boring, so this 60-seconds of Ridiculousness-style video clips gone terribly right shouldn’t have surprised us, but it did.  Maybe it was the sand-surfing-sofa.  Or perhaps great-abs-dirty-belly-button girl.  It wasn’t the bunny-head motorcycle-jump guy.  Putting a finger on why this commercial is cool is difficult, but we know cool when we see it.

Nissan’s Commercial is special in an entirely different way.  If you have not seen it yet, you should watch it now before you read our analysis.  Go ahead, we’ll wait.  OK, for our commentary jump to the text below the video link.

In the case of the Nissan Titan commercial, we know why we love it.  Nissan gives it up for the great American truck brands that came before it.  Watching the piece before we knew what was coming, we were caught completely off-guard by the ending.  It had the desired effect.  Did it move you?