Oregonians Collapse As Self-Serve Gas Station Law Takes Effect

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January 1 marked the first day that Oregonians would be allowed — in some circumstances — to get with the program 48 other states have enacted and pump their own gas. Some residents of the Beaver State were not amused.

The new law — House Bill 2482 — which was signed in 2017 by Gov. Kate Brown, allows drivers to pump their own gas in about half of Oregon’s 36 counties. And even in those counties, the law only applies to gas stations that are in communities with fewer than 40,000 residents. Further, it’s completely voluntary on the part of the gas stations. They can have attendants continue to pump gas at will, they’re just not mandated by the state to do so.

Oregon was one of just two states — the other is New Jersey — that mandated an attendant pump fuel, rather than a motorist.

Some Oregonians just couldn’t even.

CBS affiliate KTVL asked its Facebook audience to respond whether or not they favored the law.  13,440 fans voted “thumbs up,” but about 1,300 fans gave the post a mad face, and signaled their displeasure with the kind of outrage normally leveled at fast food restaurants that don’t offer breakfast after 10:30.

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The responses were enlightening:

We’re with you on the jobs part, to a degree, but somehow, people in the other 48 states have managed to figure it out without too much excitement.

Except for this guy maybe.

Some of the comments referred to the smell of gasoline, which is generally pretty easy to avoid if you keep the nozzle in the filler.

One comment was particularly concerned with transients:


Naturally, the internet responded.

It’s not as difficult as it looks:

Man, when West Virginia’s yanking your chain, you know things have gotten out of control:

This guy is our favorite, though:

All in good fun, Oregonians! We know you can do it. Good luck!


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