PLAYLIST: 100 Songs For Bumpy Station Wagon Rides

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If you were paying attention to our Facebook page and twitter feed this weekend, you know I drove 2,000 miles to Ohio. If it wasn’t for my iPhone and Bluetooth, I probably would’ve gone nuts. I figured I’d share my Spotify playlist of 100 killer driving songs, so you can keep yourself sane on your road trips this summer.

This list isn’t a hundred songs like “Mustang Sally” or “Born to be Wild.” It’s a hundred KILLER tunes from the birth of rock and roll to the present, some of which you may have heard, some not. Here’s a look at a few standouts:

David Lindley – Mercury Blues


You might recognize this song from the cover that Alan Jackson played a few years back, but the original from David Lindley’s 1981 “El Rayo-X” l is a rocker. You’ll be scanning Craigslist for ’49 Mercurys for the rest of the day.

One More Part – Hot Rod Lincoln


I saw the band Hot Rod Lincoln in a crappy little bar in Worcester, Massachusetts almost 20 years ago. This song was written for the band by Brian Setzer from the Stray Cats, and it’s terrific.

Slow Turning – John Hiatt



This is the first John Hiatt song I ever heard. I always loved it for the line “I’m in my car/I got the radio down/and I’m yellin’ at the kids in the back/’cause they’re bangin’ like Charlie Watts.”

Route 66 – Dr. Feelgood


There are a zillion covers of Route 66 I could’ve picked, but this kick-ass rocker from world-class bar band Dr. Feelgood just makes me grin like an idiot.

Let’s Kill Saturday Night – Robbie Fulks


Robbie Fulks is America’s most underappreciated songwriter. Why “Let’s Kill Saturday Night” wasn’t a chart-topping country song for some band is a question I’ll have forever.

“I got the Mustang loaded/I got a wrong to right/I got a little red bullet /Let’s kill Saturday night.” If you’ve ever dreamt about leaving your crappy little town under cover of darkness, this is the song for you.

Murder City Nights – Radio Birdman


Radio Birdman should’ve been as big as AC/DC. They were playing the clubs of Australia at the very same time as Bonn Scott’s AC/DC was, and when you listen to their songs today, you realize just how far ahead of their time they were.

Jaguar – The Who


A largely forgotten song from the Who off the slow-selling concept record Who Sell Out. The opening line to the song “Grace…space…pace” was the hook Sir William Lyons hung Jaguar’s reputation on when the brand was new.


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