Police Chase Ends When Suspect Smashes into Cow

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It’s never a good idea to flee the police when you get pulled over for breaking the law. Although it may be tempting to hit the gas and try for a getaway, the chances of this particular strategy working out in your favor are very small. The police are fairly diligent about pursuing criminals. It’s their job. Also, there are all sorts of things that could go wrong and bring things to a screeching halt. For example, you might smash your getaway vehicle into a cow.

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The Mojave California Highway Patrol was involved in just such a chase earlier this month. It started with a simple traffic stop at 8:21 pm on May 24 when an officer tried to pull over a 2007 Suzuki Motorcycle in Tehachapi, California.

The operator of the motorcycle had other ideas and sped off instead. He did the only logical thing to do when fleeing the police and headed straight for the freeway where he could go stupidly fast and risk hurting himself and everyone else. There, he reached speeds of 130 mph. On a motorcycle. On a public road. Clearly, safety was at the bottom of his list of priorities. Things came to an abrupt stop when the suspect smashed his motorcycle into a cow that was crossing the road.

You might imagine smacking into a cow with your motorcycle would not end well for cow, rider, or motorcycle. Surprisingly, the suspect was well enough to flee the scene on foot after the crash and, of course, the police gave chase once again. The Mojave Highway Patrol eventually caught up with one Jacob Dean Lightner of Weldon, California. Like we said, the police tend to be pretty good at this whole catching bad guys thing.

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They arrested the suspect, whose motives for taking off quickly became clear. Lightner had two outstanding warrants and was an unlicensed driver. Now he can add a charge for felony evading to that list, so this clearly didn’t work out in his favor.

And let’s not forget the cow who should be credited with the bovine equivalent of a citizen’s arrest. According to the police, the cow was uninjured and walked away from the scene.