President-Elect Trump to Get a New Presidential Limousine

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The election is over, and President-elect Donald Trump will take office this January. He will get the keys to the White House, along with the keys to one of the most tricked out limousines in the world. The presidential limousine is so tough, they call it The Beast, and a new version will soon be making its debut.

It’s not a last minute decision. The Secret Service put out a call for bids on a new presidential limo two years ago. It included a unique development program befitting a car designed to protect the President of the United States.

Phase One of the program was armor development. Phase Two involved installing and testing the armor. Phase Three was something called “automotive validation,” which sounds way above the pay grade of the public, and Phase Four was production. Any company headquartered in the US was eligible to bid, although General Motors has been providing the presidential limo for 30 years.

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The new version fo the presidential limo will replace a fleet of 12 currently being used by President Obama. This new limo hasn’t been revealed, although spy shots are out there. We might have a very different president in the US, but chances are his limo won’t be all that different.

Obama’s Cadillac limos run over $1 million each and were designed for the President from the ground up. They include nifty features like armor plating that makes the doors 8 inches thick and so heavy they’re difficult to open from the inside. The bulletproof windows are 5 inches thick and the car is rumored to weigh 15,000 pounds. No one knows for sure becuase it’s classified.

Details are a secret and they won’t share everything anyway, but those spy shots show a Cadillac limo that looks much like Obama’s. One thing it can’t do is get much bigger. The Beast is so already big it got once stuck on a ramp in Ireland. Oops.

Perhaps an adjustable suspension system should be on the list of changes? There will probably be updated design elements, too, to make the 2009 Beast look more 2017, but the big changes are ones we won’t ever see like updated communications equipment to keep Trump working while he’s in transit. The Beast is an armored tank on the outside, but inside it’s the most well-protected mobile office on the planet.

Look to see the new presidential limousine roll out for Trump’s inaguration in January.

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