The Crew Behind the Duck Tours at the Red Sox Victory Parade

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When Boston teams win championships, Tony Cerulle and his team at Boston Duck Tours spring into action, even when the trucks are hibernating for the winter.

Tony Cerulle is Boston Duck Tours’ Chief Engineering Officer. That’s a pretty fancy title, but what it means is that Tony is responsible for keeping all of Boston Duck Tours’ trucks in top running condition, whether the sun is shining or not. When the Red Sox win the World Series, those trucks are all put up for the winter. Within 24 hours, those trucks are all pulled out of mothballs.

Boston Duck Tours’ crew includes Terry Alcindor, Chris Barlow, Keith Burt, J Canning, Lester Cross, Matt Downey, Jen Gaipo, Bob Garland, Pedro Gondres, Jimmy Leary, Alex Lopez, Jeff Mack, Henry Monroy, Mike Nichols, Alex Nival, Kevin Perry, Mariano Reyes, Scott Teich, Zach Steiner and Ray Walker. (Not pictured are Brie and Mike Choate, Steve Costigan and Paul Montgomery).

The trucks that this crew maintains are pretty amazing:


They got their name from the GMC amphibious transports that the company built to land soldiers during World War II:

D: GMC letter for a vehicle built in 1942
U: Utility
K: GMC letter for front driven front wheels
W: GMC letter for vehicles with two powered rear axles

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George Kennedy wrote a great piece on the trucks for BoldRide in 2013, after the Boston Red Sox won the World Series and the trucks were called into service for the Red Sox victory parade through Boston:

The Duck Boats were used everywhere from Guadalcanal to the Normandy landing, but they were only meant for use through the war. The platform, based on a “Deuce and a Half” military vehicle, was not envisioned for long-term service. But many found homes as tourist vehicles around the country. According to Tony, a trip to the Midwest brought the Boston idea to life.

Since the mid-1990s, the Duck Tours have been a regular fixture around the city of Boston, hauling tourists around to attractions of note throughout the city, before plunging into the Charles River near the Museum of Science for some wet wheeling.

When the New England Patriots won their first Super Bowl in 2002, the opportunity arose to haul the team through the streets of Boston during the victory parade. What got Duck Tours the contract was the price: “The City of Boston asked local trolley companies as well as us what they’d charge to carry the players in the parade,” Cerulle explained to BoldRide. “We said we’d do it for free which I guess was good enough to get it!”


Victory parades don’t always happen when it’s convenient. In 2015, the Boston area was being pounded by the harshest winter in recorded history.

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That winter, a foot of new snow fell the day before the parade after receiving a two-foot blast from a blizzard last a week before. Nevertheless, Mayor Marty Walsh ordered that snow needed to be removed on Boston’s Boylston Avenue, and that Tony Cerulle’s trucks have to be up and running.

Tony and his team readied 25 trucks for the parade, digging the shop out from under a foot of snow, and reviving trucks that were put away for the winter.

Duck Tours Patriots

Thanks to Tony and his crew for making such a Herculean effort to make this parade happen.

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