Sedan DeGrille: Usually When Cars Smoke, It’s a Bad Thing

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They say you can make a smoker out of just about anything. TV food guy Alton Brown has turned clay pots and file cabinets into serviceable smoking devices. The owner of this 1988 Cadillac DeVille took that idea to its logical conclusion.

This started life as one of the least desirable Cadillacs in history, if you leave out crap-cans like the Cimarron and the Catera. The DeVille from the 1980s was the anti-Cadillac, a chintzy, front-wheel drive, unglamorous, boxy turd that made a mockery of the DeVilles from the 1950s through the early 1970s.

Instead of sending it to be recycled, this enterprising owner used it as the basis for a smoker, and prepared all kinds of delicious meats in its interior.

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The nice thing about smoking is that it’s a low-temperature cooking method. It’s indirect, so the real heat goes on it a box in the trunk made for holding coals. Smoke then channels into the car’s passenger cabin, much like it probably did when the exhaust started leaking about 37 days after the warranty ran out.

The current owner notes that the actual automotive interior has been removed. (Thankfully. We’re not much for smoked headrest). The seller notes that the racks are “heavy duty gagged steel.” We’re assuming that means “heavy duty gauge steel,” but maybe gagging is right.

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The windows are adorned with a roster meats that have been smoked within:

At the moment, this glorious stroke of tasty genius is up for sale on Craigslist in — where else? — Dallas, Texas.

The best part of this whole endeavor would be to come up with pun-tastic automotive-themed names for the food you’d turn out:

Hot Rod Link-in (Smoked Sausage Trio)

Mercury Mesquite (Pulled Pork Sandwich)

Coop DeGrille (Smoked Half Chicken)

Come on, you do it. It’s fun. Post your best on our Facebook page.



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