SNL and Julia Louis-Dreyfus Debut A Battery-Powered Mercedes

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“Saturday Night Live” alumnus Julia Louis-Dreyfus was back hosting the show last week, and her pitch of a fictional Mercedes AA was hilarious.

As electric cars become more mainstream, it’s probably inevitable that “Saturday Night Live” would take a swing at them with one of their commercial parodies.

We all have our favorites; “Mom Jeans” is one of them.


As with most of SNL’s commercial parodies, this new clip is rigorous in aping the tone and production values of a legit ad.

The low lighting and sharp contrasts are part and parcel of an upscale car’s pitch, and JL-D is spot-on with a professionally seductive intone to her voice.

But it’s the idea of the car she’s shilling that generates the most snickers.

Imagine a car that’s powered by the same batteries that power your cordless mouse.


Needless to say, a car needs more power than a mouse, a LOT more. So this Mercedes would need a LOT of batteries.


So many batteries would be required that simply having them under the hood would not be enough. They’d need to be packed in throughout the car.


This car would need almost 10,000 AA batteries to power up. To slake its thirst for these little power cells, you’d probably join Costco or some warehouse store to buy them in bulk.


S0 if 40 Duracell AA batteries cost $14.99, then a full fill-up of this Mercedes AA would run you $3,616.

You’d want to buy enough to fill your trunk with spares.


As with any electric car, there are some concessions one must make when coming from something that’s gas-powered. In the case of this Mercedes AA, it’s the top speed of 52 mph. Sounds slow, but look at this way – can your cordless mouse go 52 mph?


You’d likely incur a lot of AA-battery-sized skin punctures in a crash situation…


…and replacing the duds could be an arduous affair.


Fortunately, there’s an all-out replacement function, which appears to flush out all the cells.


All of them. One winces to think of the number of cells that would litter the parking lots.


And those who don’t clean their garages much might find them taken over by AAs in short order.


So as with Mom Jeans, we’d say the Mercedes AA is another concept that’s Not Ready For Prime Time, much like the show that birthed it.


And like that earlier clip, the Mercedes AA spot was very funny indeed. Check out the full video here.


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