STREETSIDE: 1958 Ford F-100 – Matte-Orange Modernity

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Trucks in the 1950s were just starting to adopt car-like styling, and the 1958 Ford F-100 was firmly entrenched in this new trend.

Big changes came to the Ford F-series for 1957. Where before its styling seemed to draw inspiration from a pot-bellied stove, the ’57 brought lines that were much more streamlined. And modern!

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The following year brought quad headlights, which were adopted by Ford‘s cars as well. No longer were trucks set off in the margins; Ford and others wanted them to have the same appeal as cars to expand the market.

Obviously it stuck, as the Ford F-series has been a perennial best seller among all light-duty passenger-car sales.


This very well-kept original obviously has non-stock matte orange color, and the chromed grille has been matched to the body color, but we still see what could be the original yellow California plate up in front.

The round turn signal lenses below the headlights mark this as a 1958, as later years went from round to rectangular.


This F-100 has what was known as the “Styleside” bed – the “Flareside” bed had separate fenders and a narrow bed between, whereas this one smoothly lined up with the cab’s sheetmetal. Integrating the bed’s lines with the cab’s was another step toward car-like styling.


It’s a curiosity that the beds on these F-series were so much lower than the sill of the rear window – it seemed like there was room for taller walls accommodate more cargo.

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The period wraparound windshield was another nod to cars…


…and it gives a panoramic view.


Nice flow of the dashboard into the doors.


Outside, there are some juxtapositions of farm-truck details…


…and rudimentary functionality…


…blended with some neat detailing…


…and a focus on forward motion.


This 1958 F-100 represents the nascent stage of the merging of car and truck styling. It also meant the trucks would become more profitable, as they soon would also blend in the high-margin creature comforts that filled out many a car’s option list.


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