CRAIGSLIST FIND: Subaru-VW Beetle Hybrid Answers the Question No One Asked

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Are you tired of driving a car that matches front-to-back? Have you grown weary of the workaday drudgery of cohesive design? Do you hate logic?

If you’ve answered yes to these questions, then your car has arrived.

Presented for sale on Craigslist — the internet’s garage sale — is this car, a hybrid between a second-generation Subaru GL with the engine in the front, cooled by water, and a rear-engined, air-cooled Volkswagen Beetle.

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According to the ad, this is a “Subaru Volkswagen Car Invention.”

“It is a functioning vehicle,” according to the ad. “It has two engines, one in the front and one in the back. They both function.” We’re only going to guess at the kind of backwoods engineering required to make the throttles work simultaneously, let alone the transmissions.

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Evidence of the Subaru engine’s presence is at the Volkswagen end of the equation, revealed by the third exhaust pipe splitting the difference between the two Volkswagen pipes.

For a vehicle that’s clearly the creation of some kind of fever dream, the execution isn’t half bad. The paint shines, and there’s no obvious evidence of hackery, as there was in the El Camino Limousine hybrid we found a few months back.

The asking price for this meeting of two great Axis powers is $7,000.

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