Watch an Insane Tesla P85D Video Made By Crazy Hungarians

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The Tesla Model S P85D is an impressive car. If you want the fastest, most expensive, most jaw-dropping Model S the company makes, then this is the one you buy. The guys at Turbometal decided to have some fun with one of these things, because how can you be calm in the face of a car that does 0-60 mph in 3 seconds? The answer is, you can’t. You act like a kid on Christmas morning.

According to Jalopnik, this bunch of Hungarian goofballs makes all sorts of videos about cars and bikes and they are all ridiculous. Think of Top Gear‘s wildest stunts, but with a smaller budget and no lawyers in the background screaming about how much it’ll cost if they accidentally kill one of the hosts. That’s what you get at Turbometal.

There have been plenty of videos of guys showing off the P85D’s Insane Mode. They usually involve an unsuspecting passenger who has no idea what’s about to happen. This is followed by a look of abject fear and a string of obscenities that require blurring the passenger’s lips and an accompanying soundtrack of bleeps. This is not one of those videos.

Instead, these guys know exactly what they’re in for and they can not wait. All of them. If I’m counting correctly, there are eight men squished into the car like clowns at a circus. I am really curious how they decided which guys would be crammed in the back. They clearly drew the short straw for this little adventure.

The squished crew counts down to takeoff, everyone in the back gets thrown around, and there is much joyous yelling and screaming. It will make you wish you had one of these to play with for a day. Although, youll have to find a bunch of friends crazy enough to cram in there and a bit of open pavement where you won’t be arrested for packing everyone in like sardines.

They also race the car on foot. The car, surprisingly, wins, and at least one of the Turbometal guys looks like he’s going to need to hop inside and take advantage of that speed for a trip to the emergency room.

There is also some lamenting that, for all its power and promise, the Tesla is electric. This is good for the environment, but it’s not good if you love the sound of a traditional gas engine. The Tesla is quiet as a mouse so the only sound you hear during Insane Mode is the screaming from the folks inside the car.

It’s the price you have to pay if you want to experience the insanity of the P85D.