The Best Cars to Use in a Zombie Apocalypse

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Zombies have been a part of pop culture for decades and it has some people thinking “What if?” What if there is a zombie apocalypse? What do we do? I’m sure that same thought has crossed your mind too. People mainly focus on how to protect themselves and where they would go in order to get food and shelter. But what about transportation? You’re in luck! Here are the best vehicles for surviving the zombie apocalypse.

2014 Chevrolet Silverado Black Ops Concept

2014 Chevrolet Silverado Black Ops/Image Credit: Chevrolet

First, I want to introduce you to the 2014 Chevrolet Silverado Black Ops. What makes this truck fit to fight against zombies? Chevrolet designed this version of the popular Silverado specifically to tackle any obstacles Mother Nature decides to throw at you. It’s said to be able to take on hurricanes so why not zombies too?

Not only is this Chevy truck outfitted with a powerful engine and a souped-up suspension, but it even has body armor as well. You also get a Truck Vault to store anything you’re able to scavenge along with a water can and a fuel can. To add to that, you have a generator and a solar power pack when you’re in need of electricity. For bumps and bruises, you’ll find a military First Aid Kit and when you’re tackling a journey on foot, you can take advantage of gas masks, gloves, rope, and a folding shovel. Did we mention that it already comes with a crate full of food too? No wonder Chevrolet design manager Dave Ross called it, “a survival kit on wheels.” While this model was just a one-off concept for SEMA several years ago, there’s no law saying you can’t customize your own Chevy Silverado to the same specifications.

“The Walking Dead” Hyundai Elantra Coupe

Modified Hyundai Elantra Coupe/Image Credit: Hyundai

What better vehicle to survive a zombie apocalypse than one that was made exactly for that purpose? Check out this Hyundai Elantra Coupe that was modified to fight off zombies in the popular TV show “The Walking Dead”. The first thing that’ll stand out is the custom-fitted zombie plow but that’s not all this apocalypse machine has to offer. This Elantra has all-terrain tires with extended spikes and reinforced windows and windshield for added protection. Inside, it has a CB radio to communicate with other survivors and weapons stashed in the trunk. For any nighttime scavenging or travel, you’ll find floodlights to shine through all the darkness present in an apocalypse. Ready to modify your own Hyundai to fight off “walkers”? Start your search here.

WaterCar Panther

WaterCar Panther/Image Credit: WaterCar

If you’re planning to get away in order to survive a heavy population of zombies, take a look at the WaterCar Panther. In terms of protection against zombies, this vehicle has little to offer. When it comes to versatility though, the WaterCar Panther has everything you could want. It is outfitted with a dual-purpose motor, meaning it can operate on both land and water. If we’ve done our math right, that doubles your options for escape.

On land, it is capable of reaching speeds of up to 80 miles per hour and on water the Panther is able to move at 44 miles per hour. What’s even better is this transition can happen in just 15 seconds! WaterCar’s amphibious vehicles start somewhere north of $158,000. For the DIYer on a budget, we imagine you could save a lot of money for food rations and survival gear by modifying your own Jeep Wrangler to accomplish the same result.

Conquest KNIGHT XV

Conquest KNIGHT XV/Image Credit: Conquest Vehicles

Looking to survive the zombie apocalypse in luxury? The Conquest KNIGHT XV might just be the apocalyptic vehicle of choice for you. This military-inspired SUV is fitted with transparent armor for all glass even the moon roof. When it comes to the exterior, Conquest Vehicles states that they use only the highest quality high strength steel, ballistic aluminum, composites aramid, and ceramics for their opaque armor. With the KNIGHT XV, you also never have to worry about the inevitable situation of getting a flat tire in the apocalypse. This vehicle comes with an ASC Ballistic run-flat system on all tires meaning you can stay mobile in your quest for survival.

Interior of Conquest KNIGHT XV/Image Credit: Conquest Vehicles

Now, let’s talk about the luxury component! When you hop inside the KNIGHT XV, you’ll find leather 6-way electric conference and cabin seating that allows for 6 fellow survivors to come with you. In the spacious extended interior, you’ll get luxury carpeting, a suede interior finish, a dual-screen rear console, and even personal laptop stations. There is also ambient interior lighting in the KNIGHT XV, so your passengers don’t have to enjoy this luxurious zombie apocalypse vehicle in the dark.

Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon LAPV 6.X Concept

Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon LAPV 6.X Concept/Image Credit: Mercedes-Benz

Is avoiding the city and going off-roading your zombie apocalypse survival plan? Check out this G-Wagon concept from Mercedes-Benz! In this concept, they’ve kept the weight down to a minimum in order to increase the vehicle’s agility. What’s even better is Mercedes-Benz has done this without taking away from the protection and payload capacity in the G-Wagon LAPV 6.X. This G-Wagon is capable of carrying over 2,800 pounds of cargo and provides ballistic protection with a modular armor system that allows you to swap out any damaged plates with a new one. Mercedes-Benz is also working in conjunction with EADS to provide technologies such as an integrated communication system and an integrated mobile command, control, and information system so that your group of survivors is always in sync. Are you looking for a G-Wagon yourself? Check out these beauties!

Zombies may or may not come but it’s better to be aware of what you’ll do in case that situation ever happens. Now that you’ve learned more about some of the best survival vehicles to get you through the apocalypse, you can plan out your strategy further and be better prepared. Want to learn more about some of the craziest car modifications on the market? Check out our previous article about that subject here!

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