The Three Best Live Action Automotive Movie Scenes of 2017

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We run down a short list of the best movie driving scenes involving real cars for 2017.

Baby Driver

The best driving scene of 2017 comes courtesy of a musical (yup, Baby Driver is a musical) and begins with a clue only those who know how to drive a stick would get. Baby puts the manual-shift 2006 WRX into reverse (down and to the right) before his gangsta cronies hop in. That didn’t make it any less cool when the passenger points forward and the car starts to travel in reverse. Like all of the best car scenes in movies, this scene was driven, not created in CGI. The move Baby uses to make the getaway and to trick the helicopter is novel, but the handbrake action and oversteer from the modified AWD system in the movie Subie steal this scene.

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John Wick 2

John Wick has a couple of obvious similarities to Baby. “The man they sent to kill the boogeyman” starts his John Wick 2 car chase in reverse and his nickname in the movie is Baba Yaga. This great scene from the second of the two excellent John Wick films (and this series is just begging for a prequel) is also a real driving scene built off steel, not pixels. From there the similarities pretty much end. John Wick is a stone cold killer and Baby has a heart of gold. Wick is stealing back his own Mustang and not afraid to ding a bumper in the process. What makes this car scene unusual is that Keanu Reeves actually did some of the driving. Stunt coordinator Darrin Prescott told Vanity Fair that Reeves may well be the best living driver-actor. There are many great elements in that car chase, but our favorite is the “door prize” Wick gives the motorcyclist. Can you name the shifter in that classic Mustang?


A great chase scene transforms cars into characters. In Logan, the “hero car” as Nick Pugh, the artist and designer who led Logan’s automotive team puts it, is a Chrysler 300 stretch limo. It has to escape a fleet of up-armored off-road race trucks full of bad guys with automatic weapons and other tricks. Of course, the best part of the movie Logan is Laura who is being saved or doing the saving, depending on how you see the film, but the limo plays its role. CGI was a big part of Logan, but the Limo you see in the movie is a compilation of real vehicles including a tube-frame, 500hp beast dressed to look like the limo that really does a lot of the punchy car scenes.

How do these car action scenes stack up against other great action movies? Do they rate with Bullitt, Smokey and the Bandit or even the television shows of the 1960s and 1970s? Give us your feedback.