Top Gear’s Chris Evans Got Carsick During Filming

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Evans Sick

Imagine for a moment that you’re Chris Evans. You’ve been picked as the new lead presenter on Top Gear after the infamous punch that ended Jeremy Clarkson’s tenure on the show. All eyes are on you. What do you do? You get carsick during filming.

According to Jalopnik, the new Top Gear host was a passenger in an Audi R8 driven by his cohost, Sabine Schmitz when things became too much for him to handle. A picture posted by Metro Entertainment shows them pulled over on the side of the track with Evans looking about ready to hurl. This doesn’t bode well for a guy who just took a gig that involves being thrown around a track in a car on a regular basis.

To be fair, Schmitz is a professional driver. They call her Queen of the Nürburgring because she’s driven it so many times. If there is anyone out there capable of accidentally making their passenger sick on the track, then her name has to be high on that list.

You can’t help but feel bad for Evans. Although hosting Top Gear might be a dream job, there’s no way it’s going to be easy for him to take over for Clarkson. He has to fill some big, loud, and somewhat obnoxious shoes and he has to develop a new team at the same time.

Along with Schmitz, he will be joined by Chris Harris to be the new face of the show. They’re replacing a trio that people loved and loved to hate, but no matter what you thought of the guys, there was no denying that they worked well as a team.

It’s part of why everyone is so excited that we’re still getting something from them in the form of a new car show that will be airing on Amazon. There’s no title and no premier date, but shots of filming have surfaced, so it’s going to happen eventually.

Meanwhile, we have Evans puking on the side of a track. There have also been rumors that he has a hard time talking while driving and that things are in a state of general chaos. It’s all rumors, so they don’t mean a thing, but it can’t help but make you wonder.

As for Evans getting carsick, well, it happens to the best of us. Twisting canyon roads and high-speed tracks have made many an automotive journalist sick, so Evans is far from alone. Here’s hoping they get it all figured out and that the new Top Gear makes a grand return to television this May.