VIDEO: Top Gear’s Matt LeBlanc is Loving the Porsche 911R

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While everyone was busy watching Clarkson, Hammond, and May make their return with The Grand Tour, Matt LeBlanc was busy taking a spin in the Porsche 911R for Top Gear. Remember that show? Yes, it’s still around, but without Chris Evans.

The somewhat disastrous season that Evans helmed is now a memory, and it’s LeBlanc’s turn to try and salvage Top Gear. The BBC released a clip of what we’ll see in Series 23 and decided that the Porsche 911R would do nicely to get people excited enough to tune in when the show returns.

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The Porsche 911R has a 4.0-liter naturally aspirated flat six that produces 500 horsepower and is paired to a six-speed manual transmission. It also has rear wheel drive, so there’s plenty of fun waiting to be had with this car.

Reviews from people who have been behind the wheel are pretty much glowing. It’s the best of the 911s by many accounts, which is why LeBlanc’s first impulse was not to drive the car at all.

Think of it like a movie that has an incredible trailer to tempt you into the theater. It looks good. It has all the big name actors, stunts, drama, explosions, and a killer soundtrack. It can’t possibly live up to all that hype. You’re destined to be disappointed so there’s no sense in going at all. Right?

It doesn’t matter because they’ve already got you and that’s exactly what happens to LeBlanc. He lasts, according to the video, for 38 seconds before he caves and takes the Porsche 911R out for a drive on the Top Gear test track.

Fortunately for LeBlanc, the Porsche 911R does live up to all the hype and he is one happy guy putting it through its paces. He doesn’t just like the 911R. The man waxes poetic about it throughout the nearly ten-minute clip.

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It’s an expensive toy with a nearly $170,000 price tag, but there are other issues that might sway you toward another car. That car happens to be another Porsche. The Porsche 911 GT3 RS, which has a lot of the same bells and whistles with a lower price tag.

The 911R is actually slower than its cheaper counterpart, so why would you want to spend extra money to get one? Watch as LeBlanc explains why it makes perfect sense to spend more cash on a slower car.