VIDEO: Can a Car Slip on a Banana Peel?

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Banana peels are the stuff of legend when it comes to being slippery. They’re tossed out on sidewalks to trip people up in countless cartoons and even in live-action movies. If you play Mario Kart, then you know their slippery properties apply to tire traction, too. The question is whether that holds true in the real world.

The guys at Hoonigan decided to get to the bottom of the issue. How? They set up a traction test using a 2018 Audi RS5 and a whole mess of banana peels.

They found their way to a track where there was nothing to get in the way and put World Rallycross Champion and Audi driver Andreas Bakkerud behind the wheel. Because if you’re going to do a test like this, then why not have a pro do the driving?

The whole thing was even done scientifically. Rather than throw a peel on the track and see if the car would slip, they make it a more formalized test. They also used a ridiculous number of banana peels so any advantage from having a professional driver was surely overcome by the sheer volume of yellow fruit skins beneath the tires.

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They start off with three runs without the banana peels to get a baseline for how fast Bakkerud can handle the course in normal conditions. Once they have those times, they then proceed to spread the peels on the track.

Peels all strewn across a corner, Bakkerud takes another run and banana peels go everywhere. They also try a launch to see what happens if you’re just sitting there in a pile of bananas, as often happens, and decide to launch a car.

The chances you’ll see a single banana peel in the road much less a whole bunch of them are pretty slim. You probably won’t have to deal with potential banana-related traction issues. Still, it’s good to know if the legends are true.

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Will your car lose traction if you hit a banana peel? Was Mario on to something? Check out the video to see the results.