VIDEO: Kia Teams Up With The X-Men To Save The World

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Kia Sorento X-Men

You expect to hear that the X-Men have come together to save the world from the latest villain bent on world domination. It’s kind of their thing. You do not expect to hear that they’ve been joined in the fight by an ordinary tennis pro and a Kia Sorento.

Kia’s latest ad imagines that exact scenario with tennis star Rafael Nadal being called in to join the X-Men in his heavily modified Kia Sorento. He gets the call from Wolverine while he’s in the middle of practicing on the rooftop away from prying eyes.

It seems Nadal has a few mutant powers of his own as he lobs a tennis ball right into a brick wall where it becomes lodged for good. He also displays a little mutant ability as his skin seems to morph into some funky reptilian pattern. Wonder what that does, aside from making him really good at tennis?

When you get a call from Wolverine, you don’t just ignore the man so Nadal abandons practice and jumps into action, heading off to help save the Australian Open from the Sentinels who are causing all kinds of problems. As he drives off, we see the unassuming Kia Sorento morph into the more superhero-worthy Kia X-Car.

The Kia X-Car was modeled after Wolverine with adamantium claws curving up from underneath the car’s front end and another set coming up in the back right over the tailgate. Do not ask how you open the tailgate because we do not have the answer. There are also claw marks in the giant X’s that decorate each door and a shiny X front and center on the grille. It looks pretty darn cool.

The car is virtual in the ad as it transforms from standard Kia to superhero Kia, but it also exists in the real world. The real X-Car and will be making its debut at the Australian Open with Nadal in attendance. It will then be on display at Melbourne Park from January 19th through February 1st throughout the tournament.

Once the Sentinels are vanquished and the tournament is over, the X-Car will be heading out to tour various auto shows where you’ll get your chance to see it close up. Just leave it alone if Wolverine is there because I don’t think he’s going to appreciate it when he finds out we’ve been playing with his new set of wheels.