VIDEO: This Scratched-Up Lamborghini Gallardo is Now a Work of Art

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There comes a moment when your pristine new car gets its first scratch. It could be a wayward rock, a carelessly thrown open door, or a hooligan with a key, but the result is the same. Your precious car is now imperfect. Norwegian artist DOLK has a different opinion and intentionally let people scratch the daylights out of a Lamborghini Gallardo.

It’s like a train wreck. You don’t want to look because it’s so awful, but it’s at the same time completely mesmerizing. How in the world could anyone intentionally do this to such a beautiful and expensive car?

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“Low Key” is a part of an exhibit at the ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum in Denmark, which invited visitors to have at it and scratch the car to their heart’s content. There are random squiggles, hearts, words, and pretty much everything etched into the once perfect black paint job.

It’s part of an exhibit titled, “No Man is an Island” and gave people three weeks to scratch up the paint. They only put a limit on the project when they realized it was in danger of becoming nothing more than sheets of metal with a few bits of black here and there managing to hold on for dear life.

The project started last September and will be on display until September 2017 when it will be returned to the artist. It might look like nothing more than a wreck at this point, but the museum curator sees a message in the car’s destruction saying, “Everything you do, every action, leaves a mark on the society you live in. None of us are left untouched, as every little action has an impact on the whole.”

Artist DOLK teamed up with gallerist Sjur Nedreaas who bought the used Lamborghini specifically for this project. Reaction has been mixed with some seeing it as a powerful statement and others viewing it as the destruction of something that was already art in its own right.

Not a bit of the exterior escaped intact. There are scratches on the paint, windows, lights, and even the wheels and brakes. It might be art from a certain point of view, but it’s tough to look at if you have even the slightest fondness for cars.

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