VIDEO: The Second Official Mad Max: Fury Road Trailer

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I don’t know what any of you are doing on May 15, but I’m going to be at the theater seeing Mad Max: Fury Road, and I’m going to see it in 3D and get a popcorn the size of a trash can.

Mad Max and The Road Warrior were HUGE for me growing up. As I’ve written before, Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome was like finding out that your favorite ball player was juicing his entire career. For 25 years, I’ve been waiting for a movie that redeems the franchise and finally — FINALLY — it appears to be here.

The first official trailer hit last fall and we did a pretty exhaustive analysis of the cars in it. The second trailer hit YouTube today, and it’s crazy. Here’s hoping the movie is just like this, only with 10 percent less talking and 22 percent more chases.

We’re also looking forward to the fan trailers that this inspires.

Craig Fitzgerald

Craig Fitzgerald

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