Vintage Cop Cars A Fixture of ABC’s “The Broad Squad”

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A production company is currently in South Boston filming The Broad Squad, a police procedural drama set in 1970s Boston, and it’s dragging out some serious 1970s iron.

The Broad Squad stars Lauren Ambrose from Six Feet Under and vampire Rutina Wesley from True Blood. The show is a fictional take on the real-life story of Rachel Keefe and Patricia Murphy, Boston’s first all-female team of Boston Police to patrol the city’s streets. The pair was featured in a story in the Boston Herald American circa 1974 entitled “The Broad Squad.”


(Image: Boston Herald American)

Locals have already started tweeting the cars, and the cruisers in use look great:

The Dodge Monaco in the photo is pretty close to what those first women patrolling the streets of Boston would’ve driven, but off by a couple of years. The first women admitted to the Boston Police Academy enrolled in 1972. The first graduates would’ve driven the earlier Monacos made popular by the Blues Brothers.



The stacked headlights didn’t appear on the Monaco until 1977.

More popular in the city of Boston than the big pursuit cars were the 9C1-equipped Chevrolet Novas. Those cars showed up in 1975.


What’s totally right is the Boston Police font. Depending on who you ask, and often what door the font appears on, it’s either Futura Black or Braggadocio.


Picture 9

Braggadocio makes more sense because it was a knockoff of the Futura font created for Monotype, which is just a few miles up the road in Woburn, Massachusetts.

The Broad Squad makes Boston something of a Mecca for period movies and TV shows set in the 1970s. American Hustle was filmed in nearby Worcester and Woburn and featured some great 1970s cars, and the upcoming Whitey Bulger biopic Black Mass is going to feature some cool 1970s and 1980s iron, too.


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