VIDEO: Ride a Volvo XC90 on a Food Tour of Tokyo

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Tokyo is known for having an incredible selection of restaurants. There are so many that it’s hard to choose, so Volvo and UberEats teamed up to solve this horrible dilemma. All you people planning a trip to Tokyo, listen up.

Let’s start with UberEats. It doesn’t bring you to food, but instead brings the food to you in over 50 cities around the world. You simply open the app, enter your address, and the app will present you with a selection of restaurants. You then order as you would with any online menu. The food shows up at your door and the restaurant doesn’t need a delivery service of their own.

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But, sometimes it’s hard to decide what you want for dinner. It’s not practical to order a little something from half a dozen different places, so UberEats and Volvo teamed up to take you on a dinner tour of Tokyo where you’ll experience some of the best restaurants in town.

It’s called All-Star Restaurant and it also involves the culinary expertise of Iron Chef Yuki Hattori. Launched on March 14, the tour has you and the foodie friend of your choice lounging in the back of a Volvo XC90 Experience. This is the most tricked out version of the XC90 SUV and it even has a cooler in the armrest between the rear seats to chill your champagne.

A driver takes you around the city where you meet up with delivery drivers on bikes. They then present you with your food on glass plates as though you took the time to book a reservation in the restaurant rather than booking a ride in the back of a Volvo.

Once the food is served, the bike-riding deliver guy disappears and you eat while you’re on your way to the next stop. The food looks rather fancy and high end, except for one dessert in the video that looks like a glorified s’more in pie form. We could make that and BestRide is not a hotbed of culinary expertise.

Looking for a Volvo XC90? Check out BestRide’s listings search here.

It’s a neat idea, but there’s something incredibly impractical about it all. The average family road trip involves conveniently packaged snacks and drinks in sealed containers with only straws sticking out the top, and still it’s hard not to spill anything. The waiter delivers soup to the couple in this video. We can tell you right now, that’s not going to end well.