Would You Buy A Car From A Vending Machine?

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The best thing that comes out of the vending machine at BestRide HQ is a tuna sandwich that’s only three days past its sell by date. In Virginia, a dealer has just filed plans to build a coin-op vending machine that dispenses high quality used cars.

According to RichmondBizSense, Carvana, an online car dealership sent plans to the local authorities to build a seven-story, 71-foot tall glass tower that automatically dispenses quality pre-owned cars after customers deposit giant tokens in a slot.


For the last three years, Carvana has been dispensing cars this way out of its facility in Arizona, and now the shop-at-home site notified Henrico County in Virginia that it plans to build an 8,200-square-foot auto fulfillment center with its fully automated, coin-operated “car vending machine.”

Carvana is financing the deal with $160 million in private investment, plus $300 million the company raised through venture capital.


Customers buy cars at home through Carvana’s website. Carvana then delivers a token for the financed price to the customer’s home. When the token is inserted in the machine, it automatically selects the correct car and dispenses it to be driven home.

For any kid who bought a car for .99 cents out of a Matchbox display, this is going to be a lot of fun.

Image Source: MatchboxGeeks.com

The question is: What car would you want to have delivered out of a vending machine?

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